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Co-Creative Wake

Co-Creative Wake

Pre-recorded 80 minute audio recording from The Wake of Co-Creation Workshop October 22, 2022 received upon purchase, plus an online live workshop on February 18 at 1 pm EST
$40-80 sliding scale

The Wake of Co-creation is a workshop for people who find themselves at an impasse, unable to get to a sacred meaningful existence, unable to find their soul work. The first step toward this comes in becoming conscious of our ‘wake’ of destruction from just living a regular life. In coming to know our wake we can become paralyzed with guilt and grief or worse we just turn away from it all. We try to change, take a meditation or yoga class, or learn a traditional skill or even move out of the city but the years pass and in our grasping rush to claim sovereignty we are unwittingly following the colonial path we’ve been trying to get away from, and so never get there. We can’t get there because we are bound by our cultures beliefs and so are unwilling or unable to change at a fundamental level. To grow up and take on the mantle of responsibility and service to our community. Our day to day life is still unaligned with the Earth and so against many folks best intentions for the planet, our time and actions are adding up in the wrong column, against the Earth. 

As humans, we have special hands and brains that make us very good takers, and we have to live so to some degree this can’t be helped. But how and what you take and how you give back can be changed. Humans are also incredible co-creators and givers. In finding our soul work we can make a positive, co-creative wake to balance the heavy environmental footprint of our life.

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