PODCAST: The Mythic Masculine
PODCAST: The Mythic Masculine

PODCAST: The Mythic Masculine

From The Mythic Masculine website:
“Culture grows out of how you garden. Not the other way around.”

— Steven Martyn

My guest today is Steven Martyn, M.A. (traditional plant use), an artist, builder, and farmer who is also the founder of The Sacred Gardener School. 

Steven has spent more than 30 years of living co-creatively with the Earth, practicing traditional living skills of growing food, natural building, and nurturing community.

He has written numerous books, including the newly released The Roundhouse: A Meditation and Guide to Building A Handmade House with Local Materials, as well as Sacred Gardening: Seeds for the Reemergence of Co-Creative Agriculture.

In our conversation today, we speak of Steven’s four year period of solitude and what eventually drew him back to society. He reclaims the divine roots of agriculture and the wisdom of our neolithic ancestors. And finally, he speaks on the spirit of the Wild and what it might take to once again regrow a culture of reciprocity.



Meeting Stephen Jenkinson for the first time
Ripping down the deep conditioning with the school of Sacred Gardening
A 4 years solitude with the earth and a journey of initiation
A recurring dream of a floating woman whispering  “come out! ”
We don’t belong to the wild!
Unpacking the idea of “the three realms” and how it relates to our biological evolution
The way to archetypical skillfulness is through “feebling & bumbling”
The shallowness of sexual identities and a realm beyond sexuality
Fermentation as a physical embodiment of “what a culture is? ”
A culture of love as a necessity and not an option
Tolerance, curiosity and faith as antidotes to fear in these incredible times of division
An invitation to maintaining our relationships with the land and fellow humans