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Stay in our off grid Timberframe house, what we call the Dragonfly house. Nestled in off the road, overlooking a large pond, this space in a perfect place to relax and enjoy the quiet.

$100/night for the first person.
$30 for every person after that.
This beautiful handmade house was built in a traditional timberframe style, all with locally sourced wood.
The house can sleep 8, most beds have visual privacy.
There is a nearby outhouse.
There is a stocked kitchen, and gas oven. Water is brought in for you for washing and drinking. Currently there is not running water, and no shower off season. During the growing season (early May to late September) there is an outdoor shower.
There is no wifi in this space, and the cel signal tends to be weak for most, especially for Bell users, better for Rogers users (1-2 bars).
Sit out on the balcony to enjoy a view of our pond. The land here is rich with diversity, so an incredible place for birders to come.

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