Nettle Herb
Nettle Herb

Nettle Herb

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Nettle Tops harvested at their medicinal peak, in the late morning on a sunny day, after the dew has evaporated and the oils start to come out. Dried in our barn, in the dark to preserve their nutrients and once dry, stored in barrels.

This Nettle is of the highest quality!
Available in 1oz, 1/4 pound and pounds.

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Medicinally, Nettle can be used internally or as a poultice. He is very effective and transformative in conditions of cool, rot and decay such as with poor circulation or digestion. Nettle is also well known to be able to resolve infections, abcesses and stagnation. We can see this medicine on the land too, because Nettle can grow in perfect health directly in sewage or other nasty anaerobic environments. By contrast Nettle is also of great use in dry hot afflictions. His scathing nature can give our ailments a taste of their own medicine. Treating like with like can cancel out the body’s heat and inflammatory conditions. Arthritis, pains, strains and burns can all benefit from Nettle topically. This may be because inside the Prince’s biting facade, he has an inner cool (almost mucilaginous cacti-like quality) that helps heal exhausted and burnt conditions. Sore throat, inflamed breathing passage, Pleurisy, Pneumonia, ulceration and poor digestion are greatly aided or healed by Nettles soothing and expectorant qualities. If harvested before flowering Nettle is also non-toxic, so like many common herbs it can be taken by anyone, young or old, sick or healthy all year round.

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1/4 pound, one pound, ounce