Seasonal Box Subscription
Seasonal Box Subscription

Seasonal Box Subscription

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Nourish yourself with the seasons, all products are handmade with love, from plants in season, here on the sacred gardener farm.

Option to pick up at the farm or mailed (shipping for all four boxes included in initial purchase)
~Fall Equinox ~ Winter Solstice ~ Spring Equinox ~ Summer Solstice ~

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The Earth is a generous and caring mother. She gives us exactly what we need when we need it. For our health, and to become more integrated with the land we need to change our habits to suit the season. Our bodies need this so much that some of these changes we do without even thinking, like craving squash or potato soup in the fall and winter, fresh greens in the spring, and fruit of the summer.

When you live with the wild land and know the plants it’s not just your food that changes, but the herbs you eat or use for medicine and cooking also change. Most of us want to live with this way, as our ancestors did with the land, but we don’t have the time or know-how to be out foraging, or the means to dry, ferment or otherwise process and store the goods. We’re making the Sacred Gardener Seasonal Boxes for you. Just sign up and a lovely surprise will arrive just on time as the seasons change to inspire and sustain body and soul.

When does it start?
The first box arrives Fall Equinox. The next on Winter Solstice followed by Spring Equinox and the final box arrives Summer Solstice.

What will be in the boxes?
In the boxes we offer you the fruits of abundance from the season ending and the medicine our bodies need for the coming months. These gifts are grounded in what the earth has to offer each season that support tried and true personal practices we’ve kept for decades to keep us alive and our family in good health year round.

Each box will include 6-8 herbal products.
Some examples of what will be included:
Herbal tea blends, tincture blends, simple herbs, tonics, bitters, balms, culinary herbs, herbal and wildcrafted spice blends, DIY projects (wild infused recipes, with the ingredients, blend of herbs to create your own herbal vinegars), herbal infused skin care (creams, toners, face and body scrubs) and more. We’ll send along instructions on how to use the items you receive.

How does delivery work? Can I pick up?
Boxes will be available for pick up, or can be shipped. Please choose whether you’ll pick up or have your boxes shipped on checkout. If you choose shipping, you are paying now for the separate shipping of each future box.

Here’s what went out in the boxes Fall 2023-Summer 2024:

FALL: we need plants to build our immunity as we go into the cold season

Boreal Sunrise blend: Pine, Spruce and Labrador Tea, with two fruity tasting perennial herbs from the farm, Lemonbalm and Red Bergamot, to bring out the warm citrus-y flavors inherent to the evergreens. Garden Oxymel: Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary,  Lemonbalm Sweet honey and tart vinegar, are a perfect medium for extracting and preserving the medicinal properties of various herbs.
Smudge bundle: a blend of Prairie sage and Mugwort.
Adaptogen Immune support: a blend of Holy Basil, Ashwaganda, Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail and Rhodiola.
Aches and pains salve Mugwort, Cannabis, Willow bark, St.John’s, Smartweed, Nettle, Plantain.
Cough syrup: Elecampane root, Tamarack Bark, Wild Cherry bark, Mullein whole plant, Pine, Lemon Verbena, Lemonbalm, Hyssop, in Honey and Cane Sugar.

WINTER: when we are deprived of fresh air and fresh food so we need teas that are blood cleansers and bitter warming herbs, immune tonics and flu and cold medicines, herbal cough syrup, sedatives and dream aids.
Dream Serum: Yarrow, Rose and Mugwort infused in Apricot Seed Oil and Avocado Oil.
Dried wild apples and pears from our trees
Elecampane honey: One of our go to remedies throughout the winter, we take it often at first signs of a cold. Elecampane helps loosen and release deep lung congestion and lingering cough. It is antimicrobial, helping prevent further infection.
Change of Season Soup Stock: Astragalus, Shitake, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Birch Polypore, Horsetail, Nettle and Dandelion leaf. A blend to create a nourishing, tasty immune supporting soup stock that you can drink on it’s own, or use as a base for soup or other meals.
Warming the Centre tea blend: A blend of Sweetfern, Red Clover, Raspberry leaf, Yellowdock Root, Dandelion Root and Burdock Root
Yellow Birch bark infused Maple Syrup: Our open pan fired maple syrup infused with balsam twigs, creating a magical taste to add to your baking, or mixed drinks.

SPRING: we focus on cleansing and stimulating plants to revitalize our sluggish systems:
Chaga, dandelion root and burdock decoction blend:
comes with instructions on how to prepare this rich nourishing tasty digestion, immune and liver support blend
Echinacea seeds
Balm of Gilead incense cones!
Usher in spring with this tree’s enlivening, heart warming scent
Nettle and Mountain Mint Tea: breathe deep ❤️ spring is coming!
Herbal Salt blend: garlic scapes, rosemary and white pine
Balm of gilead and cedar salve : enlivening your achy self
Facial mask: clay with ground chamomile, roses, yarrow, comfrey leaves and lavender

SUMMER: is a time of nourishment and fortification. herbal mixes, tinctures, vinegars, floral toner, skin care
Bliss blend tea: Ingredients: Oshwago (also known as Bee Balm or Red Bergamot), lemon balm, holy basil, anise hyssop flower tops, rose flowers, chamomile and calendula.
Tulsi ,Rose & fragrant bedstraw elixir: Nervous system support for tumultuous times.  Rose petals & Tulsi herb infused in vodka and local wildflower honey
Wild blossom toner:  Refreshing floral toner spray for face and body: astringent, nourishing for your skin. Wonderful to cool you down on a hot day.
St. John’s wort, Plantain, Calendula and Lavender salve to soothe sore muscles, ease sunburn and bites
Make your own herbal vinegar blend (with our favourite salad dressing recipes!) : a mix of medicinal and culinary herbs to infuse in Apple Cider Vinegar, strain and use as a daily tonic, make salad dressing or to cook with. Elevate your everyday meals!

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