The Philosophy of Sacred Gardener School
The Philosophy of Sacred Gardener School

The Philosophy of Sacred Gardener School

Sacred Gardener School is for those inspired to move into a deeper level of being; to live in a connected, sustainable and soulfully present way with the Earth. The school will foster your growth over time, enabling you to embody the living skills and ceremony needed to engage the larger spirit and ecology of the Earth, so She may bless and redirect our collective and personal path.

At The Sacred Gardener we teach these skills and practices, not in an abstract detached way, but experientially, as we live them. Through these experiences, the culture of these arts inoculates the student. These arts, these cultures want to grow again, they want to be fed. When we connect with the Earth through them, they are being fed, and we in turn get fed, sheltered, clothed and healed. It’s a good deal for everyone.

Many pieces must be in place for these teachings to unfold within us. To move into this deeper sacred space and then to be able to carry the knowledge in our life, takes years of personal work, a supportive community and guidance from elders who have gone through the transformation. The continuance of the Sacred Gardener School will afford our soul these gifts. The School and land Herself give students safety and nourishment to grow into a thick grape vine, that flows up, through and over the spiny armature of our life, bringing beauty and bearing heavy fruit.

These old arts are living beings that can open the way back to our ancestry and our mythic roots. They are mysterious gifts that lay at the foundation of our civilization. But these mysteries that we wed long ago, must be practiced within a sacred context or they lose their magic and become just another commodity, collecting dust with our other badges and trophies on a shelf in our mind.

At the Sacred Gardener we will help these living beings claim you, help you and them find a home again. These arts are an essential part of our humanity, and they are our inheritance. Handed down from our ancestors, these ancient ways form a chalice for us to carry the ‘holy’ to the next generation; and for us to sustain our soul. When we claim back these rites, we drink deeply from the holy and the wild elixir turns our life into art; into ceremony to feed the deep unnamable mystery that sustains us each moment.

Simply said, these sacred arts and practices ground, transform and elevate our daily routines. So, while we might have felt lost in the daily “grind”, we feel a daily rite of passage that keeps us aligned and connected with our soul, our ancestors and the spirit of the land.

Through the continued guidance and community of the school, through the nourishment to our wild soul, our spirit will rise up from the deepest spring of our being into wholeness, and pour out over the walls of our heart-well in wisdom and gratitude.