The Sacred Gardener
Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

This is a two year course.

Each of the four sessions builds on and evolves from the experience and understandings of the previous session.

Because of this and close knit quality of the group we ask for your full commitment to being here for all four sessions over two years.

Your space in the School is confirmed upon receipt of deposit with payment plan arrangements or payment in full.

Our cancellation fee is 30% of the fee, if it occurs before the week before the school.

We will retain 50% of the total school tuition as cancellation fee of the Sacred Gardener School if cancellation occurs in the week before the May start date.

If you are unable to make the first session, we will refund your money less 50%, or transfer the fee to the following year. It is essential that you attend the first session as this lays the foundation for the teachings of the following three sessions.

Please let us know as soon as you’re able if you may not be able to come, it will give us more time to fill your space, and to plan accordingly.

Should the School be cancelled for any reason on our end, your payment will be returned to you in full. We will send confirmation and reminders of what to bring 14 days in advance of the sessions.