End of the Road Podcast: Steven Martyn: Sacred Gardening/Where Permaculture meets Indigenous Land Use/Co-Creative Polyculture

Jul 26, 2023

Steven Martyn, M.A. has spent over 30 years living co-creatively with the Earth, “where the Earth herself is our teacher, where we reside in the company of Gods and where we live surrounded by the reassurance of Her divinity, in all of Nature.” 

Steven is the co-founder of the Sacred Gardener School (link below) and is the author of three books, The Roundhouse: A Meditation and Guide to Building A Handmade House with Local Materials (2022), Sacred Gardening (2017) and The Story of the Madawaska Forest Garden (2016).   

Steven was also the founder of the Algonquin Tea Company (in 1996), North America’s premiere bioregional tea company, and he also created Livingstone & Greenbloom, Toronto’s first green landscaping company in 1986..

For more information about Steven and Megan Spencer, his partner and co-creator of the Sacred Gardener, the Sacred Gardener School, and their many offerings, courses, books, and herbs, please see:

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